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raymi is a retard. here's why.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

She can make origami.

Raymioke is sweeping the nation.

Raymi started raymitheminx.com in November of 1999 and her life has since then never been the same.

Raymi was kicked out of her ex-boyfriend's band two summers ago but he kept it a secret because he was a big pussy and was too afraid to tell her for three weeks and finally everyone else told her and she went to his birthday party with his present all smashed up in the box with other garbage and wrote fuck you on it and his picture was torn in half down the middle of his face.

raymi use to live in Brooklyn and she took this photo from her roof. guess what it is of.

raymi likes animals.

sometimes she thinks she is an animal.

raymi's favorite author is Douglas Coupland though there are other writers she admires.

The older Raymi gets, the dumber she feels/acts.

Raymi has been meaning to publish a book since she was 14.

Get her a book-deal because she is too busy being Raymi to write a Query letter.

Raymi can also draw, but not very well.

Raymi sings in a band with her dad and they do Beatles songs and other covers that you would like to get shithouse drunk to in a dingy basement pub and you would probably dance.

Raymi is very clumsy.