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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

hi hello

i pretty much love the crap out of myself but also extremely hate myself at the same time.

i take 75 mg of zoloft daily, that's an anti-depressant. i can't tell if it's working cos i drink so much like.

i am a manic depressive bi-polar. people who think hey man i don't like these "labels" are annoying curly haired dinks. that's what i am, i know that i am so shut up.

i wrote a couple books.

i got a piercing in my face recently i half-think it's super tacky.

sometimes before i hang up the fone i say, "peace" because i am cool.

i sew shitty little deformed felt things cos i don't know how to knit.

when i am drunk i am very generous.

i am pretty much a cult icon.

when i get sad i spend money on myself to feel better and i buy stuff for my boyfriend too. stuff he doesn't necessarily want or need.

here look.

i have a sense of humor.

i like cats.

i have catch phrases.

i studied dance for a long time, jazz modern.